Our board is comprised of civic and community leaders who are dedicated to the safety and well-being of children.

Tamara Phillips

Genesee County Prosecutor's Office | Chair

Kevin Lenkart

Director of Public Safety Police and Fire| Vice Chair

Chief Ron Wiles

Chief of Grand Blanc Twp | Genesee County Chief of Police Association| Vice Chair

Cheryl Sclater

ELGA Credit Union | Secretary

Jeff Collier

J.P. Chase | Treasurer

Judge Duncan Beagle

7th Judicial Circuit Court

Tamara Brickery

Genesee Co. Health Department

Julie Creighton

Pediatrician – Memorial Healthcare

Bobbie DeCamp

Shiawassee MI Department of Health and Human Services

Penny Corbin

Shiawassee Health & Wellness

Prosecutor Deanna Finnegan

Prosecutor – Shiawassee County

Angie Hendershot


Courtney Herrick

Director – Great Start Collaborative

Prosecutor David Leyton

Genesee County Prosecutor

Kristina Marshall

Baker College of Owosso

Michael Milks

Genesee County Department of Human Services Child Welfare Director

Justina Miller

Parent Representative

Linda Moxam

Moxam Consulting

Mattie Pearson

Hurley Medical Center

Dan Russell

Genesee Health System President & CEO | Board Vice Chair

Polly Sheppard

Sheppard Consulting

Undersheriff Chris Swanson

Genesee County Sheriff's Office

Cpt. Sondra Taylor

City of Flint Police Department

Sheriff Robert Pickell

Genesee County Sheriff

James Yake